What Is SoGEA?

Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SoGEA) is a product that enables users to purchase a broadband connection without a phone line (voice service).

To get broadband connectivity you either used your existing analogue phone line with broadband added on top or you ordered a new connection where the two were bundled together. Thus, traditional broadband services required two products: a telephone line (analogue) and broadband. But now you just need one - SoGEA.

Technology has changed the way we communicate and the needs and requirements of many users have changed. Voice over IP (VoIP) is now the standard application for business uses. VoIP simply means voice conversations are made over the internet, very similar to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Plus, the public switched telephone network (PSTN) is ageing and is very expensive to maintain. BT made the decision to rollout a full fibre network and end the life of the standard phone line with the switch off taking place by 2025. It is already being phased in and as of 2023 businesses will no longer be able to purchase ISDN or PSTN services.

With the PSTN closure looming there are many businesses and consumers that need to be prepared.

Voice Service
Get a direct replacement of a telephone line and ensure your customer can continue to make & receive calls.
Deliver the features and the call quality that users are used to
Future Proof Your Business
PSTN & ISDN services will be switched off by 2025. Analogue voice services that are reliant on this network will no longer work.

What Is SoGEA Voice?

SoGEA Voice is a direct replacement of your telephone line.

No more phone lines. Voice communication is still and, in many ways, will continue to be the foremost method of communication for many businesses. But as BT switches off its PSTN & ISDN network everyone who uses an analogue line will see their phone line discontinued. Anyone who needs to communicate with customers and suppliers, anyone who takes orders, reservations or answers enquiries or anyone with a security or lift alarm that is linked to a phone line will have to change if they want to continue with their voice services. They will need a VoIP application such as SoGEA Voice.

Voice Services
SoGEA Voice is a direct replacement of a telephone line and ensures users can continue to make and receive calls.
Retain Your Phone Number
Keep your number by porting an existing telephone number onto SoGEA Voice or have a new telephone number. It's up to you.
A reliable, high quality voice service with the features customers are used to.
Automatic Call Recording
Simply record inbound and outbound calls. Retrieve and playback recordings at any time.

SoGEA with Voice Services

Many businesses and residential users never use the telephone line and only have it as a necessity to get broadband. Many may use their mobile, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Teams etc. or a mixture to communicate. In this instance, SoGEA Voice would not be a service they would need. SoGEA does not allow users to connect a traditional phone so any business or residential that uses an analogue line and wants to continue to receive and make calls will need to be prepared and have a VoIP application.

The process of VOIP

Features At a Glance

No more phone lines!

No More Phone Lines.

After the closure of the PSTN/ISDN network landlines will be obsolete. It is vital that businesses and consumers switch to an IP-based solution like SoGEA Voice to ensure they can continue with voice services and make and receive calls.

Where Is SoGEA Available?

Access to SoGEA is widely available. Find out if it's available in your area.
Find out if SoGEA is available in your area

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